Mission Lab Causes - Mission Lab
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Present Causes

Our mission is to advocate values. To advocate goals aiming to make a positive impact on the world, goals worth following and fighting for and reachable with will, belief, and persistence. And in the end, by getting involved in the initiative, you might just become someone better.

These affairs are not only relevant to their ambassadors, but can give wings to communities, brands, institutions, or any specific group of supporters for that matter.

Behind every cause, there’s a person. Get to know them!

  • The Cause of Women

    Bea Palya, singer, songwriter, performer

  • The Cause of Motherhood

    Nóra Ördög television presenter, ambassador for the fight against infertility

  • The Cause of Acceptance and Freedom

    Anna Pásztor, singer, performer

  • The Cause of MeTime

    Erika Törköly, founder of MeTime


    Mabel Katz, Speaker, Author, Peace Ambassador, Ho'oponopono expert

  • The Cause of Men

    Imre Bedő, founder of Men's Club

  • The Cause of Self-Confidence and Talent

    William Benko, Speak Academy, businessman, devoted follower of futurology

  • The Cause of Caring

    Karina Kecskés, actress

  • The Cause of Health

    Meggyógyultunk campaign